Bright Growth in the Darkness: Mysticism in Selected English and Kurdish Poems


Mysticism and its relevant associate, mystic, are so complicated words and concepts that dealing with them needs a very minute care and pierce look and observation. To worsen the case, eastern and western centers of knowledge differ in some aspects about the two concepts and even sometimes are at odds with each other. This study, therefore, is an attempt to clarify the bridge between the two camps in this respect and show the cases and states in which they differ as far as mystic and mysticism are concerned. The study hypothesizes some key resemblance and other disagreements due to the religious impacts on each party. It tries to reach possible conclusions through five sections that discuss the hypothesis in brief. It goes through some definitions of the concept, its origin in the east and the west, and some types of mysticism. The result is a good number of conclusions like the fact that for the English mystic poet, man is God and God is man; while their Kurdish counterparts stress that the spirit that dwells within man is divine because it is sent by God. These attempts and achievements were done thanks to a number of first hand English and Kurdish academic sources about the subject.