Correlation, Collocation and Signification in Kurdish Language


This paper deals with tagged (The synergistic,complementary and coding in the indication of the Kurdishlanguage); two parts or two important chapters and two basiclanguage connotation and trading science Pragmatism in language.One of them correlation deals with the meaning of a word or termfor a word or other term and it means the partnership with one wordto another, which is inherent to it, according to the place and natureof social relations and the inherited customs and traditions, how toform an accompaniment between those two words and similarities.The difference and cross-comparison with the topics of inclusion andall with each other are within semantics. As for the second chapter,we refer to the subject of symbol and coding in language and itseconomic feasibility and intellectual on the language of theindividual and what are the opinions and trends about the symbol inthe connotation of the Kurdish language. It is almost the language ofthe times in living languages, especially developed languages andadvanced on others. The subject of the symbol is one of the importanttopics that occupies a large area in linguistics and what is there is nodoubt that since the ancient man used the symbol in various fields.We conclude the search with a table of common symbols between thelanguages of the world and the results of the most important thingsthat we have come to this search with a list of sources that were usedin writing this research.