Developing Non-Specialist Students’ Knowledge of Vocabulary by Blended Learning


The method of Blended Learning (BL) in instructing English language has turned into an issue of extensive enthusiasm to instructors everywhere throughout the world. Rather than unadulterated on line learning which alludes to utilizing just electronic channel for learning, BL supplements conventional classroom educating and teaching atmosphere with various types of innovation built guidance. Nowadays, numerous advanced educational establishments are utilizing BL as an advantageous tool in building up understudies' information in vocabulary. The current test went for exploring the impacts of BL technique for instructing vocabulary as well as students’ conceptions toward BL method being utilized for understanding vocabularies. 60 first year students from two classes in biomedical department who take English at university of technology in Iraq took part in the examination. The experimental group examined the objective vocabularies via BL techniques, whereas the control group studied the similar vocabularies by conventional classroom method. After the study time, an achievement written test regarding vocabulary was directed to the two groups of participants. With respect to the subjective information, interviews of semi structure were utilized to recognize students' perspectives concerning BL. The meetings concentrated on learners' impression regarding the merits and detriments of BL teaching, and their proposals on enhancing BL condition. The test ended with educational ramifications and suggestions dependent upon the marks of participants which obtained in tests of vocabulary, assessments and desires relating to the effectiveness of BL systems in vocabulary understanding.