Occupational priorities in Islamic life style


Abstract:Life style as an expression in social science has a straight and assured relation with some collections of senses.Job and occupation are one of the most important parts of human life and different academies have different views about it. Islam, in its specified life style , has several suggestions toward different occupations.Islam has divided the jobs into 5 general categories. Whatever job or occupation is in the society or market, they will be included in compulsory, recommended, abominable and allowable jobs.In Islam, compulsory and recommended jobs have been suggested and abominable and allowable jobs have been abandoned .The jobs in which providing alimony and family income are considered as compulsory and necessary or the jobs in which the society due to its progression needs some employees to be accepted in it are considered among the occupational priorities in Islamic life style.By searching in verses and narrations distinguished that Islam pays a special attention to some jobs including farming, business, ranching and industry.These cases are among the most important priorities for choosing a job in Islamic life style.Key words : Islamic life style , occupational priorities , production , farming, business .