Association of Carotid Intima Media Thickness with the Severity of Coronary Artery Disease


Nevertheless, of a number of prevention schemes, coronary artery illness continues to exist asthe leading cause of death worldwide disease. Within this context, Intima media thickness isbelieved to have a key role in the atherosclerosis initiation. The development of ultrasoundmachines, advances in echocardiographic devices with great determination transducers facilitate totalstudy of carotid –intima media thickness (C-IMT).OBJECTIVE:To investigate the relationship of Carotid Intima Media Thickness with the severity of coronaryvessels illness.PATIENTS AND METHODS:Through the sections of a cross sectional multicenter diagnostic accuracy survey assessing C-IMT ina total of one hundred thirty two patients preselected to undergo coronary angiography. For thispurpose, patients' demographic data and the disease- associated risk factors were evaluated. Twodimensional transthoracic echocardiographic measurements were done. Furthermore, C-IMTmeasurements were obtained as it specified by the American society of echocardiography (ASE).Consequences of the study sample as all were revised according to angiographic findings.RESULTS:In the present study, a total of 132 patients, of them 72 patients were included in the CAD groupwhile 60 patients with no CAD served as control. The most important risk factors for CAD aremodifiable, while family history of CAD ( a non- modifiable risk factor) was not significant(P value=0.348). There was direct and significant correlation between C-IMT and severity of CAD.ROC analysis for validity of C-IMT to discriminate between multiple vessels disease and no vesselinvolvement is excellent (AUC= 0.961, cut point > 1.04mm, sensitivity=92.9%. specificity=86.7%).C-IMT is fair to discriminate between single vessel disease and no vessel involvement (AUC=0.738,cut point ˃ 0.84mm, sensitivity 100%), so if correlated with age, C-IMT above 0.84 is utilized ascan be used as a detached theme to guessing of CAD.CONCLUSION:C-IMT is simple, inexpensive and reproducible parameter that is utilized to be showing aid to thepresence and severity of CAD particularly earlier indications showing in great danger for sickpeople.