Features of narrative time in poetry of Hais Bais (d574 A.H.)


Abstract:-The entry of narration into poetry is a familiar phenomenon in the ancient and modern Arab blog. It is a type of communication that a person uses, and the narration is subject to sublimation in all forms of expression, whether linguistic or otherwise. The narrative time element had features that were evident in a number of poems of the poetry of Hais Bais by treating some of the events of his emotional and social experiences in which time intertwined in an artistic way that achieved artistic and aesthetic goals.The research proceeded with a preface, It talked about the concept of time and its relationship to literary work. The description of time is an important element in the construction of poetic entity. Then there are three studies, the first of which is: the levels of narrative construction of time in the poetry of Hais Bais, and the first: the level of arrangement and frequency, and the arrangement had two levels, namely retrieval and anticipation or anticipation, then the second topic studied: levels of duration, which are summary, scene, stance and deletion, and the research was concluded with a third topic, Lesson: the two levels of frequency, namely the singular tale and the recurring tale, and the meeting of these narrative elements has an important role in the coherence of the artistic structure of the poet’s poems, and then the conclusion of the research. Key words: narrative time, narrative time, narrative construction, external and internal foresight, retrieval, story, level of arrangement, frequency, scene.