The reality of electronic badminton education in light of Covid 19 from theviewpoint of students of some colleges of education Physical and sports sciences in Iraqi universities


In recent times, and due to the conditions that the world is going through today from the outbreak of the (covid-19) pandemic, which made all institutions take many measures, including disrupting the official working hours in educational institutions and using an alternative system for traditional education, which is the e-learning system in order to complete school curricula as well as use platforms The educational process is to complete the vocabulary of badminton and support the university educational process with interactive technology between the university professor and the student,The study aimed to prepare and build an electronic badminton scale for students of some faculties of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. The researcher also sought to find grades and standard levels for the research sample to determine the level of effectiveness of electronic badminton education. The research community represents the third stage students from some Faculties of Physical Education and Sports Sciences In Iraqi universities for the academic year (2019-2020)The research community reached (110), as it was divided into the building sample of (60) students, who formed a percentage (54.54%), and the implementation sample reached (50) students, which constituted a percentage of (45.45%). Electronic badminton for students of the academic year 2019-2020 in some Faculties of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in Iraqi universities, and the scientific conditions of truthfulness were found by validating the content and consistency using the test and re-method ,The researchers recommended strengthening the internet networks as it represents the backbone of e-learning to communicate via electronic platforms, designing an electronic course (electronic book) for badminton according to the highest educational standards to keep pace with technical development.