The effect of McCarthy 's model on developing the football scoring skill for students


Hence the importance of research from the experimenting of teaching according to the Model McCarthy, which has to do with the extent of the development of the student level in addition to revealing the results that show through the effectiveness of this model in learning scoring football and this is shown by what the student reached during the performance.And the objectives was Preparing exercises according to the McCarthy model to learn the skill of scoring football for students of the first stage in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / University of Basra. The following was concluded The presence of statistically significant differences between the results of the pre and post tests in the scoring skill in football for the first stage students and in favor of the post tests for both experimental and control groups. The researchers used the experimental approach to its suitability for the type and nature of the research using the experimental design of the pre and post measurements, The following was concluded, The educational curriculum applied according to McCarthy model contributed to the development of scoring skill in football among the first stage students in the College of Physical Education and Sports Science. And It was recommended The necessity of using the educational curriculum applied according to McCarthy model for teaching football (scoring skill) to students, and encouraging those involved in the educational process in the sports field to stay away from the methods used that may bring boredom