Periodicals organization according to resource description and access : An empirical study


This study aimed to recognition of recent practices in serial cataloging according to resource description and access (RDA) , this include the choice of main entry rules and acknowledge bibliographic elements required for serial description , MARC 21 fields required in serial record, location of data elements in subfields, and how to use indicators to describe data. and come out with a set of results indicates that the recent practices in cataloging have handled the issue of constant changing in serial bibliographic data throw the repetition of fields within the cataloging record to record recent data without the need to establish a new bibliographic record (only in the case of title change), for example tag (264) can be repeated to record recent data about publishing, and the repetition of tag (321) to describe changes in serial frequency, as well as it provides numbering peculiarities note (515) to indicate to the changes in the numbering system for serials. The study recommended the need for adoption to (resource description and access ) cataloging rules by libraries in cataloging and perusal of manuals issued within CONSER by Library of Congress as it direct specialists to recent practices in serial cataloging, as well as the formation of a working group of Arab specialists in order to translate (RDA) rules to Arabic language in order to facilitate its application in Arabic libraries, also prepare training courses for catalogers to equip them with skills in cataloging serials.