Gadamer reading of Parmanid's Ontology


Gadamir's return to the Greek heritage expresses his general position on the question of re-reading the beginning of Western philosophy with a different view, allowing a correct understanding of it, as an essential element of the hermeneutical approach, and an integral part of it in the quest to return to the basic and original sources and the early beginnings, In order to reach a better understanding of the meanings of those beginnings and correct the misrepresentations or misunderstandings that were marred by them, the stage of natural philosophy, which was one of the important milestones on which he relied on understanding the previous philosophy on Socrates, and in which Gadamir saw an urgent necessity to interpret it, as if we were discover it Here is the first time, as it determined that beginning, without knowing in advance what path it will take, nor what its journey over time will lead to, especially the moment of Pirmenides as the father of Western metaphysics and its first founders, who raised the issue of existence in a real way, and the first to lay the foundations for Western heritage The posterior, and this is what this research tries to shed light on, as a basic structure in rereading Gadamir both for the beginning and for the ontology.


Ontology, Logos, Mythos