La traduction et l'interprétation entre le contraste et la symétrie: (Maison Al Mamoun pour la traduction et l'édition comme modèle)


This study is based on two questions asked: Does translation and interpretation represent one or two professions? Is it possible for the translator to practice interpretation and vice versa? After doing an overview, we made a comparison for 9 aspects related to translation and interpretation. Through this comparison, we tried to clarify that there are some similar aspects between the two, but, in same time, we notice that the rest of these aspects are different. This study is supported by three testimonials from experienced translators and interpreters belonging to a large translation institution. The conclusion of the study confirms that despite the fact that translation and interpretation belong to a common professional field, but in reality each has different factors, performs different tasks from the other, therefore represents an independent profession. Consequently, translation and interpreting is an autonomous profession. In general, it is not easy for the translator to practice interpretation and It is not possible for the interpreter to practice translation, but they may do so if the requirements of the other profession are met.