Climatic Water Balance for Al-Rutba provine - Western Iraq


The research aims to review the climatic elements controlling the water balance in Al-Rutba provine, one of the Anbar governorates within the western plateau with an area of (92.753) km2, through analyzing data for the studied stations for the period from (1988-2018), and it became clear that the temperature rates ranged from (19.8-23) o, and the total rain between (91.81-141 mm). Wind speeds ranged between (2.9 - 5.3) m / s, and the annual actual evaporation ranges from (2906 - 3245.9) mm. The Thornthwaite equation was used to calculate the corrected transpiration evaporation and it became clear that the totals of the values ranged between (1055.6-1236.8) mm, and the (TOOD 2007) equation was applied to calculate the water balance and it was found that there were three months in which a water increase occurred at a rate of (23.7)%, and nine months occurred Water decrease by (96.3)%. The Thornthwaite drought equation was also used, and it was found that all studied stations are located in the dry climate with a coefficient ranging between (7.4 - 8.2)