Philosophy and intelligence is an immanent reading


We can try to approach the philosophy and the intelligence sideAnd the last concept does not mean the part of the institution affiliated with the state. Rather, it means a comprehensive system related to penetration, espionage, direction of behavior, similarity of methods and study, or a way to understand others or the characteristic of ambiguity and other issues related to the use of approaches and the adoption of logic and logical matrices and reasoning, and more important is the generation of philosophical ideas to serve the tyrant. We will ask about the closeness of philosophy to the state (which certainly means the security and non-security system), and it is an important topic (not about motherhood of philosophy for the state, but about a opposing relationship between the state and philosophy) I mean about the state's dependence on philosophy and the branches of philosophy such as philosophy of history and sociology of the state ( As if it is a relationship between the master and the slave), philosophy made the state and then the state became the first lady and ran philosophy in its system, and this is an important aspect also that students of science should research to produce and analyze thought.