Strategy Ambidexterity and its impact on Strategic Renewal Applied research in ((Zain Iraq Telecom))


The aim of the present paper is to investigate the role of strategy ambidexterity and its effect on the strategic renewal in Zain Iraq Telecom Company. In order to achieve the objective of this research, a questionnaire was formulated to collect the data and specimen of (39) participants, were chosen from Zain Iraq Telecom), in addition, Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS software (version. 25), and the research reached a set of conclusions one of the more significant findings to emerge from this study is that Zain (Iraq Telecom) has been able through the strategy ambidexterity that has been developed, which caused the acceptable renewal in the company although the renewal process is not easy. However, it has been able to create a positive circumstances for achieving its goal of strategic renewal.