Acomparative study in The Ideal Anxiety and TheOxidativeStress in thinnessand non-thinness people


The main objectives of the research : . -Measuring theideal anxiety of a sample of non-thinness.- Measuring the ideal anxiety of a sample of thinness people - Identify the significance of differences in The ideal anxiety in thinness and non- thinness people .-Measuring theoxidativestress inthinness and non-thinness people. -Identify the difference by measuring theoxidativestress between thinness and non-thinness people.In order to achieve the research objectivetheidealanxiety and TheOxidative Stress scale which was prepared for this purpose , was applied to a sample of 200 individuals, 100 individuals with thinnessand 100 non- thinnessindividuals. The results revealed that the thinness suffer from height scores on the scale of the ideal anxiety andtheoxidative stress, and the results revealed in a number of recommendations and suggestion.