The key words in Iraqi university thesis and dissertation in the Field of Information and libraries department and their role in information retrieval


This Study seek to know the availability of the key words in the thesis of the information and libraries department and the extent of the efficiency in terms of numbers compared to the payes of university thesis matches with titles, its place in the relation to the contents of the thesis, ways to choose her, the extent of its efficiency form the point of view of the beneficiary approved endeavored and documentary curriculum, the questionnaire and the interview approved it to collect information as well as studying and analyzing university theses and dissertations. The most prominents search results:1.University thesis her great importance for beneficiaries of all academic levels compared to other information sources, for its modernity and scientific sobriety.2.Most thesis do not contain the key words although most of the criteria for drafting university thesis stipulate the necessity of the their existence and thus the weakness of their role in facilitating the task of the beneficiaries.3.Poor choice of key words, as most of them are general and do not represent sub-topics which is not indicated by the title, as most university thesis deal with multiple sub-topics related to the main topic of the thesis.The most prominent recommendations:1.The need for the information and libraries department to prepare a database or a list of analytical bibliography of university thesis that have been approved in the major.2.The necessity of the scientific departments endeavor to include the vocabulary of the study curricula for technical preparation (thematic- analysis and thematic indexing) for vocabulary related to the selection and phrasing of key words and headings with focusing on the practical application of these vocabulary.3.The necessity of seeking the scientific committees dedicated to discussing scientific research to emphasize the importance of having key words in scientific research at its various academic levels and to emphasize the need for quality in the selecting and formulating it.