Technical terrorism - informational The privacy of employment ... and the structural penetration of society


The purpose of this research is to study the impact of the data of the massive and modern information technology revolution in all its diversity and forms on the significant spread of the phenomenon of terrorism and the aggravation of the depth of its impact. These data have resulted in new concepts in the world such as the techno-information terrorism as a new cross-border security threat to societies and countries which is based on the use of modern technologies to launch terrorist attacks with the aim of spreading fear and terror. This massive revolution brought about by these technologies resulted in the emergence of a new criminal world whose danger lies in its effect on the structure and complexity of society its complexity, its increasing danger and its prevalence either in terms of ease of using technology and facilitating communication among terrorist groups to coordinate their operations, or in the way of persuading and inventing advanced terrorist methods. The attacks were not limited only to the political, security and economic aspects, but they also affected the social and cultural aspects by destroying infrastructure sites such as hospitals, power plants, water, gas, as well as spreading the culture of religious extremism among young people, obliterating their identity and attracting them to join terrorist organizations which threaten the entire social security, and here lies the danger.