A Review of Recent Development of Security Schemes for UAVs Communication


Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are typically utilized in various applications such as defense, military, and civilian applications which are vital carriers of sensitive information and relay platform of data. The UAVs' extensive utilization and security flaws have led to make them an appealing objective for attackers. Because UAVs are an emerging technology, there are a few types of research that exist for addressing security solutions. The majority of recently existing security solutions were proposals or at the beginning of their development procedures. The threats of security can produce serious consequences that influence both cost and society. Most of these threats are happened owing to lapses in the security of the UAVs' communication protocols. This paper concentrates on UAVs controlled via ground control stations (GCS) over networks and provides an abbreviated review that addresses the major threats and the recently developed security schemes using cryptographic algorithms for Micro Aerial Vehicle Link (MAVLink) communication Protocol.