Influence of PMSG on in vitro oocytes maturation of Iraqi she- Camel


The aim of the present study was know the role of PMSG in invitro maturation of she-camel oocytes. Ovaries where collected from Afak slaughterhouse and transport by cool box contain normal saline 0.9% (20-25C°) supplement with (penicillin G sodium 10^4 IU, streptomycin sulfate10mg and Amphotericin B 0.025 mg) to laboratory of Al-Diwaniyah veterinary Hospital during 1-2 hours. Ovaries with visible follicles aspirated by 22-gauge needle attached to 10ml syringe and slicing the ovaries after aspiration. Only type A and B selected and matured in maturation medium (M199-A) supplied with 0, 2, 4, 10 IU of PMSG and incubated in CO2 incubator at 5% CO2, 38.5 Cº, and 90% humidity for 24h. The results was Maturation media supplement with 0IU of PMSG gave lower rate 24% of expended of cumulus cell and 0% appearance of the first polar body (F.P.B) than other groups. However, 10 IU of PMSG gave higher maturation rate 65.3% cumulus expended and 64.7% appearance of the first polar body (F.P.B).