Functional quality and its impact on customer satisfaction An exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of patients at a private nursing home hospital in Baghdad


The research aims to reveal the impact of functional quality with its dimensions (credibility, response, empathy, and immediacy) on patient satisfaction in a private nursing home hospital in Medical City in Baghdad, as well as knowing the level of functional quality variables and their dimensions and the degree of patient satisfaction in the hospital. view of the sample members. A random sample of (133) patients was selected using the questionnaire as a measure of the research variables, and the questionnaire was distributed to them, and the statistical methods SPSS, v. The research reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which are: There is a strong and positive correlation of the functional quality variable with its dimensions and patient satisfaction, as well as the existence of an effective and essential direct effect of the functional quality variable and its dimensions in patient satisfaction. In addition to the presence of an average level of the functional quality of the health service in the hospital sample of the study, as well as the degree of patient satisfaction was moderate in the hospital environment. The research reached a set of recommendations, most notably attention to the psychological state of the patient and taking into account patients with special needs. Also, when providing health services, they must be free from any obstacles that affect the speed of their provision to patients, and the need to provide therapeutic and diagnostic services as quickly as possible and for all sick cases constantly.