The role of Entrepreneurial Marketing in Investing in marketing opportunities/An analytical study of the opinions of managers in the Organo Group for medical services and supplies in the city of Erbil


The current study aimed to analyze the relationship and impact of entrepreneurial marketing in investing in marketing opportunities represented in pioneering marketing with its dimensions (customer focus, proactive orientation, seizing opportunities) investing in marketing opportunities and its dimensions represented by (marketing innovation, improving marketing efficiency, creating competitive differences). The study used a questionnaire as a means to obtain data. The study followed the descriptive analytical approach, where the main and sub-variables were described, as well as to analyze the relationships and influence between the variables. The field of study represents the Organo private group of companies in the city of Erbil. The study community was the responding managers, and their number reached (110) managers. Hypotheses were tested by applying statistical methods using the computer program (SPSS V.22). The results of the study confirmed the existence of positive moral correlations and an impact relationship between the two variables and their dimensions, at the macro and micro levels. These results confirm the strong correlation between the two variables: entrepreneurial marketing and marketing opportunities. This indicates that whenever the researched company relies on entrepreneurial marketing, it can invest in marketing opportunities.