Theoretical analysis of short backfire antenna by using Moment of method


The short backfire antenna is one of the important types of antennas due to its high directional and other characteristics. Therefore, this research deals with, a theoretical study to calculate the radiative structures of a short backfire antenna as an axially symmetric body using the moment method.The main goal is to theoretically calculate the radiation fields and compare them with previous practical researches. Where the mathematical analysis with the used software was verified by comparing the results and noting the extent of the match.The other goal is to study the effect of the antenna dimensions on its performance by studying the effect of adding a rim to the edge of the large back reflector, as well as studying the change of the radius of the two reflectors (large and small), where it was confirmed that the best value for the radius of the large reflectors and small (Rm=1λ) (Rs= 0.25 λ) respectively.