spatial analysis for the smoll industrial activities in Al – Habaniya district in 2019


industry is considered one of the most irnportant activities for variouscountried and a purposeful means of raising the economic level of the inhabitance of these areas . these smoll industries are of great importance becauseof the characteristics and features that characterize them . there fore, theresearch aims to study these industries in Al – Habaniya district and their geographical distribution in the year 2019 . the industrial environment was studied according to the industrial branch, in addition to its sectoral and spatialdistribution . the study showed that there is a variation in the industrial structure the manufacturing industries came first with a percentage (91.9%) andthe exsra ctive industries (8.1%) . it was also found that there is a difference ingeographical distribution of the small industrial facilities between one regionand another, which resulted in a viriation in the number of workers among administrative departments . the problems and obstacles facing these industrialfacilities were also discussed and it was found that ren’t marketing problems,but there are production problems first of all, the lack of raw materials insidethe district .