Using Montmorillonite Mineral Clay to Remove Lead Ions from Wastewater


In this work many experiments were done to remove lead metal ions from contaminated water. Iraqi mineral clay, montmorillonite is used to adsorb lead ions from contaminated water using continuous adsorption process. The experiments indicated that 1.0 gram of the montmorillonite clay can adsorb 22.08, 21.04 and 20.16 mg of lead from their solutions of 10 ppm at the flow rates of 0.03, 0.05 and 0.08 L/min respectively at duration periods were 2, 3.5 and 6.1 hours. Five grams of montmorillonite clay can adsorb 11.04 liters, 10.5 liters, and 10.08 liters of lead contaminated solution at flow rates of 0.03 L/min, 0.05 L/min, and 0.08 L/min respectively.