Parametric Study on Buckling Behavior of Aluminum Alloy Thin-Walled Lipped Channel Beam with Perforations Subjected to Combined Loading


The objective of the research presented in this paper is to investigate thebuckling behavior of a perforated thin-walled lipped channel beamsubjected to combined load. A nonlinear finite element method was used toanalyze the buckling behavior of the beam. Experimental tests were madeto validate the finite element simulation. Three factors with three levels foreach factor were chosen to examine their influence on the bucklingbehavior of the beam and these factors are: the shape of holes, openingratio and the spacing ratio of . The finite elements outcomewas analyzed by using Taguchi method to identify the best set of threeparameter combinations for optimum critical buckling load. The analysisof variance technique (ANOVA) was implemented to determine thecontribution of each parameter on buckling strength. Results showed thatthe mode of buckling failure of the perforated beam is lateral-torsionalbuckling and the hexagonal hole shape, =1.7 and = 1.3 werethe best combination of parameters that gives the best buckling strength.The results also showed that the shape of holes is the most influential onbuckling behavior of the perforated beam for this case of loading