Treatment of Iraqi Municipal Wastewater by up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor UASB


In this work, the Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket “UASB” reactortreated effluent wastewater to investigate the process performance on apilot plant scale. Municipal wastewater at high and medium strength withdifferent organic load rate OLR (0.6-9) kg COD m-3day-1 with the flow of20 l/h, up-flow velocity 0.4 m/h, hydraulic retention time HRT 9 h at atemperature of (20-30 ºC) was evaluated. The wastewater concentration,including TSS, COD was measured, and the removal efficiencies ofchemical oxygen demand (COD) and total suspended solid TSS werecalculated and summarized as 45-85% and 70-75%, respectively,depending on organic load rate OLR. Effluent volatile fatty acids VFA wasmeasured, and the results were in the range between 12-90 mg/Ldepending on OLR with a slight change in pH (8.3-8.4), which means theconversion of COD to methane and increase ammonia concentration