Absorption and Desorption Remediation of Environmental Pollution to Remove Heavy Metal Ions From Waste Water Using Batch experimental System


Graphite is the substance of allotropes of carbon forms with diamond, and amorphous carbon, Graphite considered one of methods that we can use it for adsorption of heavy metals ion from water, by a new sorbent material having functionalized for solid phase extraction (SPE) metals (Zinc and Cobalt) from aqueous solutions. Firstly we used Graphite substance by chemical process to convert it to Graphene and graphene oxide has been used in oxidation by hummer method process by using H2SO4 and KMnO4 that considered a good oxidizing materials. Graphene oxide is a Composite material fabricated from Graphite. Micrometer thick films of graphene oxide paper are also named as graphite oxide membranes, secondly we silanized it with 3-(trimethoxysilyl) propylamine to get (GO-Si) product, thirdly react this product with functional gropus (Aldehyde) (3,5,Di-tert-butyle-2-hydroxy-benzenaldehyde) to get (Go-Si-Ald) that form graphene Schiff base material, that we used it to several process under different laboratories factors such as (pH, different concentrations of metals / Zinc and Cobalt, different stirring time, with different temperatures), The adsorption of metals (Zn and Co) were investigated successfully, this is one of development method for treatment of waste and drinking water for reuse. This method is benefit to solve environmental problem which is harmful to health. All these work made by several instrumental analysis such as ICP, FTIR analysis, EDX, Uv-visible, TGA, TEM, SEM, XRD Analysis.