Influence of the Zinc Tin Oxide Nanoparticle proportions on the Optical properties prepared by the laser Method


In this research, the pulse laser deposition method was used by the PLD Nd:YAG wavelength laser nm1064λ = to precipitate thin films of pure zinc oxide and tin-like oxide with different weight ratios (0.2 , 0.4)kg were deposited on glass bases in order to study the effect of annealing at a degree 573k and deformation of some physical properties of zinc nanoparticle oxide films. X-ray diffraction measurements of pure and tainted oxide films of different proportions (0.2, 0.4)kg in tin indicated that these films possess a multi-crystal line structure, of hexagonal type. The topographical properties of the prepared membrane surfaces were studied using the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and showed that the ZnO membrane has a smooth and uniform surface in composition.The results of the optical properties also showed a sharp increase in the optical transmittance spectrum until it reaches 90% after annealing, and the deformation reduces the optical transmittance. It also found that the optical energy gap of the ZnO membrane (3.2)eV (before annealing and 3.3eV)) after annealing and the energy gap decreased with increasing mixing ratios.