Thermal conductivity behavior of epoxy resin reinforced by nanoparticles


In this research work, a resinous matrix, epoxy with a hardener at a ratio of 1:2 at room temperature, was prepared with nanoparticles (nano-magnesium, nano-zinc and nano-boron) at a ratio of 1% and 2%.All samples for thermal tests were prepared using the mechanical method.The method of hand-lay was used to prepare the resinous molds.Thermal tests were conducted that involved using a Lee's disk to calculate the coefficient of thermal conductivity at room temperature.The results showed a significant improvement in the properties of the composite material containing nanoparticles due to its properties that led to the improvement of the thermal properties. The positive effects of the dispersion and mixing process in the composite materials was also observed through the results obtained from the composite materials reinforced by nanoparticles and comparing it with the resinous matrix.