Geographic information systems and applications in medical geography and environmental impacts on the area


The remote sensing and geographic information systems modern methods to deal with in the field of geographical research and then they meet a number of problems Mrs. Mubarak:1. broad base of geographers, especially developing countries, including Arab countries are not on good knowledge of the working methods and methods of use and areas Ttbaiqaha.2. The existence of an opposition front from lack of knowledge of technology, GIS and remote sensing, the belief that these methods do not enter the field of geographic search in defense of the curriculum and the usual methods.3. Medical geographical area of ​​the same unknown among some making the application of the techniques it is very common.4. the existence of a lack of understanding and the mixing of things (Confusion) among others, which lacks that technology (GIS) is the preserve of some geographers virtue of the label, this is not true historically and physically.