A Novel Recursive Heuristic Algorithm for Straight and UShaped Assembly Line Balancing with Fuzzy Processing Time


The paper aims to address the straight and U–type assembly linebalancing problems by developing a novel recursive heuristic algorithmbased on the idea of the depth of search. The dynamic fuzzy processingtime (DFPT) model is employed to represent uncertainty and ambiguityrelated to the processing time in the actual production systems. The novelalgorithm, the minimum cycle time objective is considered for a set ofimposed considerers. They are arranged in an appropriate strategy inwhich three-stages are proposed and presented as a solution approach.Finally, the validity of the developed solution approach is evaluatedthrough a tested numerical example conducted over a test problem takenfrom literature to assess its performance. This study proofs their abilityand efficiency in assisting decision-making by determining thecontribution proportion for significant assignment variables representedby skill level, work stability, type layout, and priority rule