he effect of competitive exercises to develop the Power Endurance and attack blows of young boxers to light weights of the Middle Euphrates clubs


AbstractThe importance of the research, which is based on the addition of competitive exercises in boxing training to develop the tolerance of the power endurance and skill performance, including the offensive punches of boxers, which will contribute to provide the people of boxing sport of coaches, boxers, clubs and federations necessary information necessary through the use of these exercises that make the boxer live In a competitive environment, the researcher aimed to prepare competitive exercises to develop the ability to withstand the speed and offensive punch of young boxers for light weight using the experimental method The research community, the young boxers of the Middle Euphrates Boxing Clubs (46-49- 52- 56 kg) of the 92-kilogram, has been identified to construct a test (power endurance of the arms of the boxing) (100%). As for the sample of the experiment, Al-Rafidain Sports Club was chosen by simple random draw, and their weight and all data related to them were recorded from reliable sources of the club's management, coaches and supervisors. (56%) representing 19% of the research community into two passion (experimental and control) and by 8 boxers in each group for each weight of two boxer, results have been presented and analyzed and discussed in detail in chapter IV of the statement of work results.