Speaker Recognition Systems in the Last Decade – A Surve


Speaker Recognition Defined by the process of recognizing a person byhisher voice through specific features that extract from hisher voicesignal. An Automatic Speaker recognition (ASP) is a biometricauthentication system. In the last decade, many advances in the speakerrecognition field have been attained, along with many techniques infeature extraction and modeling phases. In this paper, we present anoverview of the most recent works in ASP technology. The study makes aneffort to discuss several modeling ASP techniques like Gaussian MixtureModel GMM, Vector Quantization (VQ), and Clustering Algorithms. Also,several feature extraction techniques like Linear Predictive Coding (LPC)and Mel frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) are examined. Finally, asa result of this study, we found MFCC and GMM methods could beconsidered as the most successful techniques in the field of speakerrecognition so far