Distribution of Pressures on Modified Stepped Spillway by Using Toothed-Steps


In the present study a new steeped spillway shape at which “toothed steps” havebeen adopted instead of traditional steps to enhance the amount and distributionof water pressure along the chute of the stepped spillway. Experiments wereconducted under a skimming flow regime, on five physical models of spillwayone of which consisted of traditional steps used as a base model. For allinvestigated models, the chute angle was 45° with fourteen steeps each of 3cmheight. Generally, the results show that the new shape models enhance thepressure distribution and reducing the potential for negative pressures along thechute, as well as, reducing the values of positive pressures that usually impact thetread. Specifically, close to the crest, the differences in pressure values beingclearly large between the toothed steps modelsand the traditional steps. The newconfigurations of steps reduce the positive pressures between 116.66% to 1.28 %