The Effect of Oral Contraceptive Pills on Haematological IndicesRunning Title: Haematological Parameters in Oral ContraceptiveUsers


To show the effect of oral contraceptive pills on haemotological indices. Case-series study
was done in family planning clinic at Al-Batool Teaching Hospital. During the period from May,
2001 to December, 2001. Seventy four women using combined oral contraceptive pills mean age
(32.3±0.65) years were investigated by determination of Hb (g/dl) P.C.V. % total white blood cell
count, deferential W.B.C. count, platelet count using coulter counter. There was a significant effect
of OC use on P.C.V. % platelet count while no significant effect on Hb (g/dl) in oral contraceptive
users as compared to controls. In addition to that there was a significant effect on total W.B.C.
count in group 2 of women who use OCs for 1-2 years and group 3 of women who used OCs for 2-
4 years as compared to controls