The Impact of Aloe Vera Gel on Healing of Surgically Made Maxillary Mucosal Wounds in Rabbits


Objective: The purpose of present study is to evaluate theeffect of Aloe Vera gel on granulation tissue formation andangiogenesis and re-epithelialization stages of experimentalhealing process of maxillary oral mucosa in rabbits. Materialsand methods: The current experimental study was carried outon twenty albino rabbits which were randomly selected andinhabited under same conditions involving ventilation,temperature and diet. Each rabbit was anesthetized separatelyand undergone surgical procedure in both sides of upperalveolar bone included longitudinal oral mucosal incisionfollowed by circular bone defect creation, then placement oftiny gel foam piece and Aloe Vera gel in left side, while rightside bone hole was left empty to act as control. According toeuthanization time, rabbits were divided into five groups andsacrificed at the 3rd, 7th, 14th,28th and 42 days post-wounding,histological and histomorphometrical assessment includedevaluation of amount of granulation tissue formed andangiogenesis and re-epithelialization.Results: Histological results revealed a statistically significantdifference in amount of granulation tissue and neovascularization formed and re-epithelialization betweencontrol and Aloe Vera groups at certain time intervals withintotal period of experiment with favor to Aloe Vera group.Conclusion: The use of Aloe Vera gel exhibits a beneficialeffect by increasing granulation tissue formation andsubsequent angiogenesis and enhancement ofre-epithelialization in healing process.