Techniques of time in the play (Al-Hussein in rebellion) by Al-Sharqawi, a study in the narrative construction


Abstract:Theresearch shows the concept of time is manifested, by techniques that contributes in narrative construction and it spreads in a literary area written by Abdul Rahman Al sharqawi in the style of drama which is the play "Al hussein in rebellion, a very famous play. In this study, I will discuss the impact of time in narrative formation as one element of literary construction. I study time in narrative criticism then showing its perceptions in the cognative levels that next to criticism especially Philosophy. Then I apply the categories of time on the chosen play which are two : external and internal, then the temporal paradox through retrival (memorial narration) and external retrival and internal. Then the statement of the pre narration as an introduction and declaration to the narration. Finally the use of the accelaration of the narration by using techniques like : abstraction, deletion and slowing down.Key words : Narrative construction , Al hussein in rebellion , Abdul Rahman Al sharqawi , theatrical pl .