Surveying unnarrated doubts of Menhaj Alsunneh about Imam Ali innocence


Abstract:Among the Imam features in the imamate viewpoints, innocence has special and important place which attracted the attention of the speakers.Ibn Teimia has mentioned to some doubts about innocence of Imams especially to the innocence of Imam Ali. These doubts include two parts: narrated doubts and unnarrated ones.The unnarrated doubts which were surveyed in this article are including the doubts about Imam Ali′ innocence which was due that God did not approve him, the corruption did not decrease in his ruling time, his innocence was not approved by companions and followers and imam′ innocence was arranged by Abdullah Ibn Sabaa.After surveying these doubts, we concluded that we should not only count on surface events and results to understand God′ approval of Imam Ali and know that there were other reasons which did not let him to reach the proper power.Imam Ali, in his ruling time, was spending his time to stand against the deviations created since the past.However there are many Hadiths which mention to Imam Ali ′ innocence and were narrated by companions and followers like Thaghlin and Safine Hadiths. While there are not any authorized and clear documents about the influences made by Abdullah Ibn Sabaa in Islamic society.This research surveyed the doubts under the historical and speech- oriented views.Key words : innocence , Abdullah Ibn Sabaa , Menhaj Alsunneh .