Spectroscopic Diagnosis of the CdO:CoO Plasma Produced by Nd:YAG Laser


In this paper, the optical emission spectrum (OES) technique was used to analyze the spectrum resulting from the (CdO:CoO) plasma in air, produced by Nd:YAG laser with λ=1064 nm, τ=10 ns, a focal length of 10 cm, and a range of energy of 200-500 mJ. We identified laser-induced plasma parameters such as electron temperature (Te) using Boltzmann plot method, density of electron (ne), length of Debye (λD), frequency of plasma (fp), and number of Debye (ND), using two-Line-Ratio method. At a mixing ratio of X= 0.5, the (CdO:CoO) plasma spectrum was recorded for different energies. The results of plasma parameters caused by laser showed that, with the increase in laser energy, the values of Te, ne and fp were increased, while the value of λD was decreased. The calculated electron temperature value was in the range of 0.449-0.619 eV at ratio X=0.5