Epidemiological study of the intestinal parasites in patients attending twohospitals in Baghdad


This study has been carried out during the period August 2000 t0 October 2001 to compare the incidence of intestinal parasites in patients (old and children) who attended Baghdad teaching hospital and Al-Escan central teaching hospital. Three hundred and fifty four stool samples were examined by the direct method using normal physiological saline and logoul's iodine to determine the incidence of the intestinal parasites and its relation with sex and age. The results of this study revealed that the percentage of the total infection of these parasites were higher in patients in Baghdad Teaching Hospital than in those of Al-Escan Central Teaching Hospital ( 60%; 48% ) respectively . Also the rate of infection of the parasites ( Blastocystis hominis, Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, Trichomonas honinis and Hyminolepis nana) was (18%, 8%, 29%, 3% and 1%) respectively. It has also been revealed from the result of this work that the rate of male infection was relatively higher than that of female in both hospetals (57%, 55%) and (55%, 36%) respectively. Regarding the age groups, the (61-70) years age group was acquired the highest infection, while the (6-10) year's age group acquired the highest percentage of infection in young patients