The impact of market knowledge in customer engagement


Abstract:-Market knowledge and customer engagement are two areas that have received great attention from researchers and thinkers because of their importance in the organization's excellence and persistence in the face of the fierce competition in the global market, The current research dealt with the civil sector represented by a number of civil colleges in the city of Baghdad as a sample for research, Hence, the problem of research was started to answer the extent to which the faculties investigated are aware of the importance of the research variables represented by (market knowledge and customer engagement), and whether there is correlation between these variables. The aim of the research was to present the most important intellectual and philosophical contents of the controversies and consensus in the views of researchers and thinkers about the variables of research, and to analyze the relationship between the variables of research descriptive analysis based on literature through the previous intellectual efforts and practical analysis of the impact of market knowledge as an independent variable and the customer engagement as a variable adopted in the research community represented by private colleges, as the number of colleges (5) colleges either the sample was based on the teachers in the faculties.Key words: Market knowledge, customer engagement, civil colleges.