Antimicrobial Activity of Sulphamethaxazole Nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-gel Method


Sulphamethaxazole is antibiotic used to treat several types of bacterial infections and gives double effect when used with trimethoprim by 1 to 5 of sulphamethaxazole. It has a broad spectrum effect on the positive and negative bacteria of Gram and fungi. The objective of this research is to convert sulfamethasazole to nano sulfamethasazole by Sol-gel method by using additive material like acetic acid, distilled water and ethanol with temperature 80°C and probe sonicator machine as catalyst and hydrolysis factor. Nano sulphamethoxazole solution analyzed by atomic force microscope (AFM) was show average of nano particles at size (50±10) nm. Scanned by TEM and SEM shows nano particles as a band of hollow tubes with a diameter less than 100 nm., beside the EDS pattern show high peaks of sodium, carbon and oxygen along with some other constituents. The antibacterial activity of nano solution shows respectable inhibition activity compared to slandered solution.