management no strand Reinhold company, new York . Spatial analysis of solid waste management In Al Ghadeer Municipality


The waste management process is one of the important issues that have taken great care, as it is directly related to human health and environmental safety, from here our research came to learn about waste, its sources and methods used in its management, through its collection, transportation and final disposal methods, and the effort exerted by municipal centers in the municipality department Ghadeer.Our research came in three sections; The first was devoted to the theoretical framework and included; The research problem, the research hypothesis, the research objectives, the spatial and temporal limits of the research, and the definition of the search terms. The second topic was devoted to the theoretical framework, while the third topic was devoted to the practical aspect and analysis of the data provided to us by the Hygiene Department in the Al-Ghadir Municipality Department. The research concluded by mentioning a number of results that came out of the research.