Hydrogeological Conditions of Qazaniyah Sub-basin in Diyala / Iraq


The study area is located in the eastern part of the Diyala Governorate close to theIraqi-Iranian border. This study was set to investigate the hydrogeologicalcalculations of northeast of Qazaniyah wells where the groundwater moves indirections of from the northeastern parts towards the southwestern par, that is, thesame direction of the topography and the same direction of the tendency of thelayers t. The study„s region is characterized by visible geological layers or those thatcan be penetrated to a reasonable depth by wells which are sedimentary rocksdeposited in continental or semi-continental conditions in the bays. From the studyof the hydraulic properties of the two hydrogeological and exemplary systems, thevalues of transmissivity, permeability and storage coefficient are ranged between1.94- 5.73 m2/day, 1.02- 3.92 m/day and1.40 x 10-5- 2.62 x 10-4, respectively. Whilethe estimated value of transmissivities, which are obtained from specific capacity,ranged between 6.27- 8.62 m2/day. This variance in the values indicates the broaddifferences in the values Lithology of aquifers, which seems to be influenced by thestrength and the number of fractures and joints.