Surgically Treated Duodenal Ulcer Complications


A cross sectional study, based on collection of 159 patients (150 male, 9 female) age range
between 10-90 years with median age of32 years, admitted to tikrit teaching hospital and underwent
emergency surgery for d.u complication over the last 10 years (oct.1993 to oct.2002). In this study
each complication was analyzed according its frequency, its relation to the timing of the
management, and its relation to the progress in medical management .The study showed that there is
declining in the occurrence of d.u disease complications, [at 1993 they received 29 cases (18.2%)
VS 2002 in which (8) case only 5%]. Regarding history of du; 99 patient (62%) gave positive
history of d.u. disease, while the rest of patients 60 (38%)denied any previous disease . Incidence of
complication after emergency surgery was 25 case (15.7%); this is in form of simple wound
infection, abdominal abscess, and respiratory c.v. complications. These operations followed by death
5 cases (31%) and the cause of this mortality were mainly septicemia and respiratory &c. v.
complications, renal failure. Medical treatment does not prevent complication also we found that
there is no special seasonal variation in spite of Perforation which occur more in winter months. 31-
40years-age group, male patients are more susceptible for complications, morbidity and mortality
increased by age and delay in the management