Distribution of Dental Caries among Primary School Children in Al-Mukalla Area – Yemen


This cross-sectional study is carried out to identify the distribution of dental caries among 400
primary school children of 12 years age in Al-Mukalla area in Yemen.
It was found that 198 (49.5%) out of 400 school children have dental caries; of those affected children
51.5% were males, and 48.5% were females. Dental caries was found to occur more in permanent
teeth (76.6%) and distributed mostly in the lower jaw (54%). It is more distributed in urban areas
where the affected seen to represent 53%, whereas in the rural areas it was 38%. In comparison, the
distribution of dental caries (among the affected) in private schools (57%) is more than that in
governmental schools (47%), and the children living in areas receive their water supply from
Al-Ghail, Source 1, are affected (53.6%) more than those living in areas supplied from Al-Taweela,
Source 2, (42.7%). Finally dental caries causes missing of the teeth in 8% of children.