The effect of Ramadan fasting & Moderate exercise on body weight,serum glucose & lipid profile in healthy fasting subjects.


Ramadan fasting (RF) , the body has regulatory mechanisms that activate during fasting,
by efficient way of utilization of body fat. High blood cholesterol & uric acid have been considered
as health risk factors for cardiovascular diseases & gout. A prospective study was carried out on
doctors of Samara hospital. 30 normal healthy male doctors were participated in this study aging
between 26 to 30 years, residing in the hostel of hospital (15 subjects in group 1with only fasting &
15 subjects in group 2 fasting Ramadan with moderate exercise). Five ml of venous blood was
drawn from each volunteer after about 10 hours of fasting on the first & 27th of Ramadan & serum
was obtained. Body weight was measured to the nearest 100 gm. There is a slight decrease in body
weight from 70.7 to 69.7 kg, but the difference is not significant in fasting subjects of fasting group
only. The same finding was notice in group 2.
In regard to blood parameters, there is slight decrease in blood glucose in both groups, but this
reduction in blood glucose is not significant reduction. Also, a significant decrease in serum LDLcholesterol
in fasting group with exercise from 102 at the beginning of Ramadan to 86 mg/dl at the
end of Ramadan with a reduction rate equal to 15.7 %. While the same result was notice in group 1
with fasting only & reduction rate in LDL equal to 35.8%. However, there is a significant increase
in serum HDL- cholesterol in both groups.