Prostate tumor in tikrit teaching hospital: a review of 75 cases


A retrospective study involving 75 case of histopathologically diagnosed prostatic carcinoma admitted to Tikrit Teaching hospital between January 1995 and December 2005. The percentage of those patients from all the tumors affecting male patient – excluding hematological tumor- was found to be 9.1%. Prostatic carcinoma was the third most common solid tumor in male. Patient over 80 years old were most commonly affected by prostatic carcinoma (35 cases) while those in the fifth and sixth decade were the least affected (10 cases) and there was no case reported with age below 40. 57(76%) of patients were diagnosed by the histopathology performed for prostate specimens removed for a supposed benign conditions. This study aimed to define the epidemiologic features of prostatic carcinoma in Tikrit Teaching hospital