Effect of Partitioning of Phosphorus Fertilizer on Yield and its components of Sun Flower Helianthus annuus L.


A field experiment was conducted in agricultural second research station affiliated to Agriculture college/ Al- Muthana University, in the Al-Bandar village southwestern province of Al-Muthana (800 m away from the city of Samawa/ Al-Muthana province) during the spring season 2017 in order to study the effect of fragmentation of phosphate fertilizer on the growth, yield and quality of two genotypes of Luleo and Turki. A global experiment was applied according to the design of the complete random sectors R.C.B.D with two factors and three replicates, The first factor was applied to six levels of phosphate fertilizer P0 = non-fertilizer comparison, P1 = whole soil pre-planting recommendation, P2 = 75% of the ground recommendation + 2500 mg. L-1 foliar, P3 = Add 50% of the ground recommendation + 5000 mg. L-1 foliar, P4 = Add 25% of the ground recommendation + 7500 mg L-1 foliar, P5 = Add 0% of the ground recommendation + 10000 mg. L-1 foliar and the second factor are two genotypes Luleo and Turki. The effect of fragmentation of phosphate fertilizers and genotypes has been studie and its interference with some traits of growth and yield and its components. The results showed that the superiority of the treatment of fragmentation P4 superior in most of the studied traits as their plants achieved the highest results for the qualities of plant height, leaves size index, stem diameter, head diameter, total seed yield (ton. h -1) and oil yield (ton. h -1), The Luleo genotype showed superiority in most traits (plant height, leaves size index, stem diameter, head diameter, number of seeds, weight 1000 seed, the total yield, the Vital yield, the total oil yield, while the composition Turki in qualities oil ratio, The correlation between the two study factors was significant in most studied traits. The combination of P4 X (Luleo genotype) gave significant superiority in most traits (Plant height, leave area index, head diameter, number of seeds, the total yield and yield oil).