Hepatitis C virus infection and abortion among pregnant women in Mosul city


Infection with HCV is a major public health problem and is of particular concern duringpregnancy. Identification of transmission risk factors is essential for the development ofappropriate interventions. The aim of this study was to evaluate infection with HCV in pregnantwomen and to identify the correlation between HCV infection and abortion. The current studyincluded 875 pregnant women attended to three hospitals in Mosul City (Al-Batool, Al-Khansaa,and General Mosul Hospital) during the period from the beginning of July 2007 to the end ofSeptember 2007. The study revealed that infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV) was found in 45out of 875 pregnant women (5.14 %). There was significant correlation between HCV infectionand abortion. The risk of HCV infection increased with increasing number of abortions.